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Hello I'm Carly - writer and habit maker.

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    Carly Jacobs

    Writer featured in Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Vogue, The Age and SMH. Campaigns with Woolworths, L'Oreal, Bupa, Samsung and more. Helping you take the anxiety out of being a better person.

    Who am I?

    I'm a writer, copywriter and online internety person. Mainly writing about non-shitty self improvement, habits that don't make you hate yourself and nice things I like. I over research everything from buying new sneakers to the perfect response when someone is rude to you. I package my findings up like little assignments in the hope that I helped make a thing easier for someone like you.

    What will you learn?

    • How to introduce new habits without ruining your life
    • Which vegetable chopper is the best (OXO hands down)
    • How to feel less anxious about that job interview/friend who has ghosted you/making semi-nourishing food occasionally
    • Productivity tips that are actually helpful
    • Whether or not you need to worry about botox/heart disease/skinny jeans going out of style/Diet Coke giving you cancer/glazed donut skin